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Professionals Should clean Kitchen Fire Disasters to Reduce Lingering Smoke Smells

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Kitchen fires are common in most homes; unfortunately, many people don’t know how to deal with such situations. Maybe the fire disaster was insignificant as you managed to put it out within a few minutes, making you think the smoke smell will fade away as fresh air comes in. One week later, your kitchen still has a lingering smell, yet you have done everything possible to clean it. Keeping the smoke smell away from your kitchen might be difficult, but not impossible when professionals are involved. 

Why Smoke Smell Lingers

How bad the smoke smell condition is in your kitchen depends on several factors. The size of the fire, for instance, can have an impact because a larger fire generates more smoke. It may be more difficult to eliminate the scent if pungent products, such as plastics, were set ablaze. 

Cleaning up after smoke exposure involves washing carpets, furniture, draperies, and other fabrics, which easily absorb smoke. Because smoke particles are so small, they can pierce various materials, including wood, fabric, and hard surfaces. This is probably why you cannot eliminate the smell without professional help. 

Soot also contributes to the unending smoke smell. If the kitchen fire left soot behind, you might want to call in professionals immediately. Handling soot without personal protective material is discouraged because its properties might encompass toxic substances. 

What to Do When Kitchen Fires Leave a Lingering Smoke Smell

While waiting for professionals to clean everything, you can take a few measures to reduce the smell. Perhaps, these might even help clear the larger bit of it from your kitchen.

Ensure the Room Is Properly Aerated

Properly ventilating the kitchen makes a big difference when dealing with smoke smells. Keep your windows wide open to allow fresh air circulation. To assist in directing smoke particles outside, turn a few fans up high and position them strategically. Air cleaning fans can certainly aid in the absorption of smoke particles, but to ensure that they perform as intended throughout the cleanup, you might want to purchase a few new filters beforehand.

Wash Any Fabric That Might Have Absorbed the Smell

Remove your drapes and any other fabric-based materials in your kitchen for washing. You will be surprised how big of a difference this will make. However, those you cannot wash, such as carpets and walls, should be left to professionals. They will come with special equipment that will thoroughly clean these surfaces, leaving no traces of moisture behind that might cause a mold infestation.

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