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Why Fire Damage Recovery is So Difficult for Property Owners

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Why Is It So Difficult to Restore a Home That Suffered from a Large Fire?

Home fires are traumatic experiences that can make a homeowner not know the next step to take, especially if it involves a large fire. It’s, however, important to start talking to your insurance company to know what your options are and if a home restoration process can be in the works.

You must act quickly after the fire stops to ensure further damage does not occur, especially for items inside the house. Even though you’re distraught during such a time, it’s imperative to go through the damaged house to determine the damage inventory and contact professionals specializing in fire restoration.


Inspection from Insurance Adjuster

These experts come to inspect the damage and determine a fair amount for settlement. The experts will conduct a detailed investigation into your claims by inspecting property damage, interviewing witnesses, and speaking with claimants. Ensure the expert can cover all damage in your initial fire damage claim. The expert will look at the following areas:

  • Roof: burning embers could have ruined the roof plus underlying shingles.
  • Siding and stucco: the fire can cause the siding to melt and your stucco to crack.
  • Windows: fire can cause your windows to blister and melt. Moreover, it can make the glass discolor and warp.
  • Plumbing: the fire can destroy drainage pipes and soldering connectors.
  • Interior walls and framing: the expert may have to remove your wallboards to check the gravity of damage on the frames.

Fire Restoration Experts

The insurance company may ask you to seek out a fire restoration expert that specializes in:

  • Securing the house: these experts will insert a board to prevent weather damage.
  • Assessing the damage: they’ll assess the damage caused by soot, fire, water, and smoke.
  • Draining water: drying the house from water is imperative to prevent molds and mildew from growing.
  • Removing soot: the expert has the right equipment to remove soot and smoke from surfaces. They’ll use a variety of techniques to clean, savable items.
  • Restoration: if the experts you’ve chosen have a license, they can easily make a number of repairs like replacing wallboard and installing carpets, plus larger tasks like building rooms.

The Cost of Fire Restoration

Fire damage restoration costs will depend on the severity of the fire and the size of the damaged area. If the process requires restoring expensive items like kitchen cabinets and appliances, this can cause the price to scale up.

A 1500-square-foot house can cost $46,166 from fire, smoke damage, restoration, and recovery, with quoted prices ranging from $22,666 to 70,666. Before signing on the dotted lines with a restoration company, ensure you itemize your needs and your work scope.

Will My Insurance Company Cover for Fire Damage?

Standard fire coverage will cover you against fire. This includes personal property and structural damage. The terms of your will determine the value of your reimbursement. They can either give you the cost of comparable items, the value of the cash, or its depreciated value. Some insurers can limit certain reimbursement values, like the $1000 limit on electronics.

If you have many electronics, your insurance company may reimburse you for the true cost of the fire damage. It’s important to have receipts of everything you spend on fire restoration and replacing destroyed items, as your insurance company may ask to see the receipt to verify your claims.

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